Are you racking your brains to come up with an entertainment idea that your employees will love? How about getting a show of their favorite stars and shares it for them exclusively? If you think that it is not possible, think again as many cinemas are offering such services.

What employees love?Who does not love a blockbuster screening? Now you can make it a part of any event that you are planning for your employees. Many services offer outdoor movie in Singapore as well as theatre based exclusive screening for a given group size. If you have a minimum group size, it is possible to have a special theatre booked exclusively for airing a popular movie on a time and date as per your convenience. 

Choice of cinemas and venueMany cinema companies are offering unique services in the city they operate. When there are chains of theaters owned by a single cinema company, it is possible to choose a particular theatre and ask for a certain movie to be screened on a certain day and time. Many companies even offer you the option of outdoor movie screening. That is definitely a cool idea and something that employees would love to experience at a favorite park in the city on a weekend.

Other offers to pamper themMany cinema companies have different kinds of deals that do not stop at a single option. For instance, you could take your pick from a theatre screening to an outdoor movie viewing. Again, many companies explore packages of handing over coupons to employees that entitle them to tickets to a show of their choice. This incorporates flexibility and allows employees to avail the benefit of viewing a movie over a weekend with their partner or friends. Often a bulk employee scheme purchased for a year will include several such options for a given budget. Companies then have the flexibility to choose among the different options within the cost specified.

If you are intrigued with the above points and entertainment possibilities for your employees, it is easy to get started. Simply find a reputed cinema operator in your town or country. Many have a city wide presence while others offer benefits in theaters across several cities. Accordingly, employees can be offered different kinds of coupons and viewing benefits for their favorite shows. It is also possible to look up details of corporate deals at a cinema website of your choice. You could even compare deals among comparative cinema operators and choose one that seems most lucrative or suitable for your company.