It is magical every time two people meet and decide to unite their lives. Hence, every marriage has an interesting tale behind it and it forms the backdrop of how the marriage unfolds. When it is that special day for a couple it might not be enough to simply get photos and portraits clicked when live moments are not captured on lens.

Filming your wedding
There are several professional photographers who offer marriage and corporate videography in Singapore. Videography is a unique art by itself as it entails not only the techniques of capturing video of different moments of an event, but putting it together as an interesting story or a movie that unfolds in real life. When it comes to weddings, videography has a vital role to play. Every couple wants to remember every moment of the special day of their life. That needs to be vividly captured and put together with an interesting narrative and theme to form a memorable video of the wedding. These are vital aspects of expert videography that is sought out in a professional videographer.

How to choose a professional?
When it comes to commercial videography there are professional video and photography firms that have several trained professionals who can take on different assignments. In other cases, many freelance videographers offer their services for different events. Many wedding couples wish to get a personalized touch to the video and hence, they look for a photographer who has covered several weddings and is someone easy to work with as well.

Choosing photography and video shooting services
Most wedding couples want video as well as images captured of different moments of their event. For that reason it is important that a professional service or photographer hired for the occasion can provide all such services. Many modern photography services also include photo booth rentals. This allows guests to get instant prints of photos taken inside the booth and with different backdrops and customization features. Instant print services are often in demand these days and guests get to go back with printed memorabilia of the event.

Nowadays the kind of photography services on offer is diverse. Hence, wedding couples or planners can look around and find attractive deals on such services as well. Many professionals offer a combination of video and prints which makes it ideal for a wedding day. However, it is essential to choose as per the kind of work a professional has done and his or her overall style that comes out in the different videos shot or images captured of other events.