We all know that proper and frequent exercising is vital for our lives. We know it’s important for our mental and physical well-being. And we know that it’s important for our children as well. Apart from keeping away child obesity, it can also be a great way to keep away other diseases and sicknesses from you child. Here are a few of non-exercise, exercise methods that can be beneficial for you child today, and on the long run.

When you let the music flow through youDancing is a great form of exercise. And the best part is, even though you are sweating and obviously working out your entire body; it doesn’t really feel like an exercise. Besides this, it’s also a great way for children and adults alike to express ourselves. Encourage dancing at home. If you have a daily routine that includes dancing; involve your children in it. By dancing for at least half an hour each day, or a few hours each week (like you would if you enroll for lessons), you are providing your body with at least a bit of its required exercise.

When talking of long termTraining your kids in martial arts can sound foolish to you; especially if they’re already bloodying each other. But martial arts lessons, be it from Tai chi, Jiu Jitsu, Karate or best Muay Thai classes in Singapore, can be highly beneficial to your child in the long run. Not only will it help your child with self-defense and protecting him/herself, it’s also a great way to help him be confident, focused, self-controlled and disciplined. All of those things can help him greatly when shaping his future.

When you don’t mind the blood and the messOk, so not all sports are messy and bloody; but most of them are…! Apart from enrolling them to Jiu Jitsu classes (or any other martial art class, for that matter), you can also consider encouraging them to join or try out for a sports team at their school. Most sports require a great deal of exercise. And apart from that, through training for a sport or team, your child will also learn about teamwork, focusing and again, discipline. This is apart from the boost to their self-confidence of course.

When you let the water do its magicApart from group sports, swimming too has many long-term benefits. This is ideal for those children who don’t like to socialize or mingle. Not only does it provide your child with the exercise necessary for his growth, swimming is also great for children who have asthma and other breathing problems. Beyond this, swimming is also a great way to relax and de-stress the mind. If your child swims regularly, and continues to do so as an adult, then his mental health too shall benefit from it.