Once you are done with your education, and are looking for a serious job, it’s your CV that is the key to several different doors. You should make extra sure that your CV is as presentable as possible, and it attracts the eyes of the recruiters. While a CV has to presentable, you need to also include all the information that is important. Listed below are a few of the most vital information that has to be included.

Your educationThis is the main part of any CV, so include each and every academic qualification that you may have, without forgetting. The start of your CV should include this, right after your personal details. This should include high school, college and any other programme you have attended that counts as an educational qualification.

The importance of Extra curricular While studies and your educational qualifications is something that will be looked into a great deal, your extracurricular activities play a large enough role in itself. You may have the best results ever, but not having anything extra will help someone else get chosen over you! You have to take part in as many activities as you can. Be it sports, other events or even exciting young innovators conference. This will give you an advantage over others and get you to the top! While you are at school/college, try and take part in as much events and clubs as you possibly can! This will get you one step closer to landing your dream job.

The work experience While you focus on studies and extra activities, you should also include the part time work that you have done. This could be something as simple as an hour job or anything, every little thing counts! This shows that you had the initiative to work, and that you were willing to spend time working instead of staying at home doing nothing. Include this factor, as little as it may be.

Getting involved with the communityYou will have to get involved with the community from a young age, this could be volunteer work or even attending high achievers program. This shows that you have social skills and care about the community and are able to undertake several different roles as a student! Volunteering and donating, no matter the amount, speaks volumes for itself. Don’t forget to include all these in your CV.

These are a few ways to go about making your CV look every recruitment teams dream come true!