Organising to get the name of a new author out is not too hard. What would be hard is to get the right folks to be interested enough to attend such an event. If the author you are to represent is a newbie then it’s time to get a good word out about the author in order to draw in enough customers to have a successful day. The individual concerned should be represented well and the book should also receive enough publicity and coverage purposes.

Let the venue do some work
If the book is about coffee or food it would be nice to try set up an interesting exhibition booth at a locally well renowned coffee shop. This way the venue itself will help bring in some crowd. The author will also get some exposure to new unlikely customers, and the regulars at the coffee house will anyways be present. This method also allows for the café to benefit from such an event.

Get the word out
Send out flyers and invites. The writer can invite some personal friends who will show up and provide some support. Setting up a folding panel display in Singapore at a central location with the information to the event will also help spread the word. Contact the local bookstore to help pass out leaflets to their customers. Targeting readers in local public libraries will also be a great idea. The local radio station call also help to make some noise regarding the event.

Have an assistant
It would be advisable to have someone who can take care of replenishing the book supply and handle the cash as people purchase. This way the author can focus on signing and meeting the people. The mingling will help build some friendships. The readers will also get the opportunity to discuss certain topics and points from the book. Getting to know the writer personally will also lead to better sales in the near future.

Make it interesting
Giving one or two readers randomly to have coffee with the author at the end of the day would be a nice touch. Let it be granted to someone who is genuinely enthusiastic about the book. Even a media person, or a local school newspaper depending on the relevance could after a one on one meet and greet. It would boost the image and confidence for the author.

It would be a great idea for the venue to be gifted with assigned copy of the book for their collection. Building good relationships is a great way for future collaborations. As an organiser it is very important that you keep things very professional and efficient so people will keep coming back to you for more business.