The human body functions so effortlessly throughout the day, that often when we are in good health we forget about what we need to feed it to function that way. Hence, when we pile on the junk food and reduce the fresh food, our bodies begin to stutter and stumble, sometime grinding to a complete halt. You feeling lazy and dim one day to bright and alert another, has a lot to do with your digestion and how your body processes the food you feed it. Through digestion, it distributes the necessary ingredients via blood cells to whatever areas need it. So, let us look at how you can up your digestive abilities.
CHEW WELLYou can take all the digestive supplements in Singapore you want, but if you do not chew your food well, then your digestion will not improve. You have teeth to chew of course, so use them. Most people are so concentrated on something else whilst eating like checking their mail, reading the paper or watching television, that they forget to chew their food, instead swallowing large chunks. It becomes strenuous on the body when done regularly so try and pay heed to this.
PRACTICE GOOD LIVER HABITSSeeing as how your liver is responsible for detoxing your body, you might want to consider being good to it. That mean limiting alcohol, no drugs whatsoever, and plenty of fresh vegetables such as beetroot which is a natural liver cleanser. You can make different smoothies or juices with green leaves such as kale and spinach too which is incredibly potent in a good way, for your entire body not just for digestion. Do try some of them out.
SET A REGULAR DETOXWhen done right under the proper guidance, detoxes can be incredibly refreshing and just what you need. Every now and then, you can take a break from your dietary supplements too and completely flush out the toxins in your body before getting back to normal life. Make sure you plan it out well so you do not overdo it and cause harm to yourself instead. Different detoxes work for different people, so look for one that is right for you.
WATERWater is, frankly Nature’s answer to everything so load up on the stuff. Without it, the whole body will not be able to function properly. It particularly needs water for digestion, since it needs fluids to break the food down as well. You also need to stay hydrated, especially if you are detoxing. Maybe maintain a log of how much water you drink per day so you are aware.