Whether it’s a date or a first-time client, first impressions make a difference. And as first impressions are lasting and generally set the tone for your entire deal with your client, it’s important that the impressions you give, is a goof one. Apart from preparing yourself for the meeting, if you are holding your meeting at your office premise, then it’s also important that you prepare your staff and building for it. This also can help a great deal when dealing with unexpected client visits.

Maintain a generally clean work spaceThis is vital in so many ways. Not only will it impress your first-time clients, and welcome your usual clients, it’s also important for you to maintain the productivity of your employees. Clean offices are definitely more pleasant, and thus, it makes sure that your employees don’t feel reluctant to walk in to their work space. You can find many commercial cleaning services in Singapore to help you with this now-a-days.

.The neatness of your building Commercial cleaning might help you keep your building clean, but keeping it neat is up to you and your employees. Even if your office is clean, id it’s cluttered and untidy, your clients can be very put off. It gives them the impression that you are not capable of handling your work. Ask you employees to clear out their desks at the end of each work day. This definitely helps clean the clutter. Also, it’s a good idea to keep wires and electronics that are not frequently used tucked away from the public eye.

The general odor of the work spaceYou might have got used to ignoring the scent of stale food and sweat that generally hovers around your work space; but your clients will not feel the same. If it’s a first-time client, they will definitely think twice about working with you. The best way to avoid this bad smell, is to make sure that you and your employees don’t eat within the office premise. Apart from this, make sure to throw open the windows and let in the natural air. It’s also not a bad idea to invest on in-building air fresheners.

Keep your staff and employees sharp Apart from the above, if you really want to prepare for unexpected clients or impress your potential clients, then it’s important that you pay attention to your staff and employees as well. Be it those who man the front desk, or your secretary; it’s important that all of them are always meticulously dressed. A uniform will definitely give your office a professional look; but even if your work space is more relaxed, train your employees to dress and look smart. Stress on personal hygiene; especially if there’s a chance they’ll meet the clients.

A training prior to joining your office can help you train them with all of this; including in office behavior training.