Valentine’s day is approaching fast. On that day, you would see boyfriends buying bouquets of red roses to give to their significant others. A florist would probably run out of red roses before the end of the day. Chances are, you may even see red rose petals fallen on the sidewalk.

This would bring you to an important question. Why red roses though? What is the significance of red roses?
Red roses are the symbols of love and passion. It has been so for a long, long time. In ancient Greece and Rome, the beautiful red rose has made appearances in tales and paintings involving Aphrodite. The goddess of love. Ever since the ancient Greeks, roses had also played a part in wars, Shakespeare’s plays and now Valentine ’s Day celebrations.
It is not just the red roses, flowers of all kinds have meanings attributed to them. So when you want to buy flowers online Singapore, pay heed to the meanings of the flowers you buy.

Daisies signify cheerfulness, purity and innocence. These vibrant flowers come in a variety of colours and can be sent to anyone you want to cheer up. If you send a bunch of these flowers in different colours, you can be certain that the person receiving them would become cheerful upon seeing them.

If someone you care for is graduating or is planning on moving abroad, you could give a large bouquet of irises. These flowers mainly colored blue, signify hope, wisdom and faith. Just imagine getting a beautiful bouquet of blue iris flowers when you graduate. Wouldn’t it just make you feel special?

If you want to gift your friend some flowers. Buy them some beautiful Peruvian lilies. These beautiful exotic flowers come in a range of colours and a bouquet of them could brighten up their day. With the meaning of friendship and devotion, Peruvian lilies could be given as a symbol of your beautiful friendship.

When you wish to give someone a flower bouquet, make sure that the flowers you select are meaningful. Do not just choose flowers that look pretty. You wouldn’t want to give a bouquet of bright red roses to your boss would you? Of course not, unless you are declaring your eternal and undying love for them. In case you are not, then just do not give red roses. You could end up losing your job because you did not understand the meaning of the flowers.

So choose flowers depending on the message you want to give and feel free to match it up. Do you have a friend who is going to go to a foreign country pursuing her education? Well you could give her a bouquet of Peruvian lilies and irises.

When you choose specific flowers based on their meaning, you would give thought to the relationship you share. When the other person looks at the bouquet and a card that states the flowers and their meanings, they would instantly know what you are trying to say. And this is sometimes the most beautiful thing when it comes to giving flowers.