Every work place has that one week when everything is hectic and chaotic. Is that period in your work place approaching? Here’s how to deal with it.

Have shortcuts for eating right and keeping yourself well fueled

Eating right is vital in any day; but it’s also something that gets ignored the most. More often than not, you’d find yourself eating whatever you can find in your office fridge, or eating at your desk; multitasking while you work. However, this not only will result in you not getting the right nutrition to help you function, it will also make you put on weight by the time you are over with this week. The easiest way to make sure this doesn’t happen, is to make yourself a few heat-and-eat meals before all the chaos starts. You could even do online grocery shopping to save time.
No matter how busy, get sufficient sleep

When it comes to creativity, sleep is more than important. Unfortunately, unlike with eating, you can’t use shortcuts here (like you did with the online grocery delivery). Try to get your 7-9 hours of sleep in, as much as you can. If your job requires you to use your brain a lot, it might be a good idea to catch a nap when things get a little too overwhelming. Remember to only take a 20 minutes’ nap; as this is the most affective time limit for energy and creativity. More than this, you’ll either end up oversleeping (and getting yelled at by your boss), or wake up feeling groggy and confused; the last thing you want when you have a lot to do…

Try to preplan and organize the smaller details

We know that you have already preplanned and organized most of the bigger details when it comes to the chaotic week at work. But have you planned out the minor details? Things like what clothes you need to wear throughout the week, and how you are getting to work or to meetings actually takes more time to figure out than you think. If you have all this preplanned and kept ready, then you’ll find that you can save a lot of energy and perhaps have more time for sleep. Trust us, thought its only a few minutes, you’ll appreciate it when you get it…!

Be smart and delegate tasks

It’s true that for most people, when you do a task yourself, you tend to do it better. But when you are busy, or you know you are going to be over your head with work, it’s always better to delegate tasks and share the burden with those around you. If you can’t share your work load from work, consider sharing the chores that you do at home. No one to share the house work with? No problem! Hire a cleaning service (for example) for this week alone…