It’s a pity how a well-planned wedding can become a mess in no time if not handled right. You might think you’ve got everything in place, however you might realize at the end that some guests were left uninvited, some vendors were paid less while your wedding dress is too small for you. Proper planning can avoid such mistakes so here are some of them that you should never commit.

  1. Doing anything before the guest list

The biggest expenses of your wedding will depend on the guest list; the venue and caterer services in Singapore. You might have made a nonrefundable deposit at a cozy restaurant for 70 people, only to later realize that there is an addition of 50 more. So, you need to first talk to your fiancé and families and finalize the guest list so that you could proceed with the rest of the work. Also, don’t send out the invitations too early as a friend right now might simple turn into someone you knew when the date comes close.

  1. Freaking out when someone else has your dress

We all know you want your wedding dress to be made only for you. However, there could be instance where another bride has designed the same. Maybe you were both inspired by the same fashion magazine. So, rather than freaking out, think of ways to differentiate and make yours unique. Add a sash, bow, jewel or embroidery on the train. No one could tell what you’ve done.

  1. Blowing your budget

Funding is the hardest part in a wedding. Let’s face it; we all have a million wedding ideas but not enough cash to fulfill them. So, it’s time to use your management skills. You can still have a beautiful wedding, with minimum cost. Go for easy décor and cut down on the flowers. Pick a date off season. Usually Friday weddings are cheaper than Saturday. Cut a few exotic dishes off your buffet caterer and leave a standard but delicious menu. Getting into more debt is not the best to do. For further information about wedding catering please click here.

  1. Doing it all yourself

Frankly, you can’t. You might think you can get it all done by yourself which will also cut costs, however you might need help. Hiring a wedding planner is not such a bad and costly idea. Instead, they could save you some bucks. They have partnerships with different vendors and hence you might be able to get some discounts. Also, they are much more experienced so you could ensure that things will go smoothly. You don’t have to let them do everything. Choose a few you can do for yourself and let them handle the big stuff.